英文版 東京B級グルメガイド

ロブ・サターホワイト (著者)

Tokyo is truly one of the great dining cities of the world, and there’s far more than just sushi and Kobe beef to enjoy. Charcoal-grilled pork on skewers, udon noodles in curry-flavored soup, octopus dumplings, deep-fried beef cutlet — these are a few of the beloved Japanese dishes that food-loving visitors often miss out on. This thoroughly researched guidebook introduces twenty of Japan’s favorite specialty cuisines, many of which aren’t well known abroad, ranging from tonkatsu (pork cutlet) and okonomiyaki (savory pancakes) to the ever-popular ramen and curry rice.

You’ll find detailed descriptions and histories for each of these dishes, along with expert advice on what to order, tips on dining etiquette, and reviews of the best places to try them, including more than 150 restaurants, pubs and after-work standing bars in Tokyo. The book also provides helpful bilingual food glossaries, and is supplemented by online restaurant maps that are accessible from smart phones and other devices.

Tokyo Beyond Sushi was written by two long-term Tokyo residents and food writers — Robb Satterwhite, founder of the restaurant guide and author of the book What’s What in Japanese Restaurants, and Brian MacDuckston, founder of the ramen blog Ramen Adventures and author of the guidebook Brian’s Ramen Adventures.




英文版 東京B級グルメガイド 目次抜粋

  • Chapter 1. Izakaya-style pub fare
    第1章 居酒屋メニュー
  • Chapter 2. Budget meals
    第2章 お手頃メニュー
  • Chapter 3. International influences
    第3章 日本流
  • Chapter 4. Casual and takeaway
    第4章 軽食 お持ち帰りもできます

Robb Satterwhite(ロブ・サターホワイト)

Long-term Tokyo resident and New York City native Robb Satterwhite is the founder of, an English-language restaurant guide covering major Japanese cities. He is also the author of What’s What in Japanese Restaurants (Kodansha USA), a guide to Japan’s specialty cuisines and restaurants, and co-author of Animal Cafes (IBC Publishing), a guide to cat, rabbit and bird cafes around Japan.

ニューヨークで生まれ、ニューヨーク育ち。長年東京に住み、グルメサイト「」「Where In Tokyo」を設立。日本料理やレストランに関する著作多数。

Brian MacDuckston

San Francisco native and Tokyo resident Brian MacDuckston wrote the chapters on ramen and kakigori. He runs the well-known ramen blog “Ramen Adventures” and is the author of the bilingual ramen guidebook Brian’s Ramen Adventures (2015 K&B Publishers). He is also the Ramen Editor at

The popular English-language website has been providing local residents and visitors with expert advice on restaurants, cafes and bars around Japan since 1997. Updates and corrections to the listings in this book as well as online maps can be found at

英文版 東京B級グルメガイド (TOKYO BEYOND SUSHI)/ロブ・サターホワイト (日本写真集・ガイドブック/IBCパブリッシング)表紙

英文版 東京B級グルメガイド/日本写真集・ガイドブック/IBCパブリッシング)英文版 東京B級グルメガイド/日本写真集・ガイドブック/IBCパブリッシング)英文版 東京B級グルメガイド/日本写真集・ガイドブック/IBCパブリッシング)英文版 東京B級グルメガイド/日本写真集・ガイドブック/IBCパブリッシング)英文版 東京B級グルメガイド/日本写真集・ガイドブック/IBCパブリッシング)英文版 東京B級グルメガイド/日本写真集・ガイドブック/IBCパブリッシング)

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ISBN 978-4-7946-0401-9
タイトル TOKYO BEYOND SUSHI (英文版 東京B級グルメガイド)
著者 ロブ・サターホワイト (著者)
紙書籍定価 2,200円
出版社 IBCパブリッシング
初版刊行 2016/02
ページ数 238 ページ
判型 A5判


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